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Viewing the QM2

I decided to cycle today instead of run because of the problems I had with running this week. Last night I pumped up my bike tyres and that seemed to have the desired effect because I was flying along the prom. Alas, it was nothing to do with the tyres and a lot to do with the wind as I battled against a mini hurricane on my return.

The Queen Mary 2 came into dock late last night. She looked magnificent, in spite of the morning haze.

After swimming with the kids, we got on the ferry to take a closer look at the huge cruise ship. It was great from the ferry because it went pretty close to it.



I think that the kids were less impressed than I was. Apparently the QM2 is the biggest ever ocean liner and tonight, on American Independence Day, it will journey to the United States to replicate the first scheduled passenger transatlantic crossing 175 years ago in 1840.
We took the kite with us over to Liverpool because it was fairly windy but there were too many people at Pier Head and we risked bashing somebody on the head when the wind dropped and the kite plummeted. 

Dominic tried to sign us up for a Virgin holiday to Costa Rica when we stopped in Debenhams to use the loos. It sounded great but I don’t think we have anywhere near enough money for such a holiday.

Dominic claimed that he was bored and wanted to go shopping instead. We pointed out that wandering aimlessly around Liverpool looking at things that we almost certainly wouldn’t buy was not going to be a whole lot of fun. So we got the ferry home.

We decided to try the kite on the beach instead but the wind had dropped a bit and anyway, it wasn’t as windy on the beach as it was on the prom. We tried running with it but the sand is really soft and very difficult to run on. It would probably make a great training session! We had a lot of fun though and Dominic was a lot more successful than I was. We’ll have to give it another try another day.


I’ve heard that there will be fireworks tonight as the QM2 leaves dock. There was a flyover by what I presume were the red arrows because of the trail of red, white and blue smoke we saw.

Happy Independence Day to our American friends and Happy Birthday to my niece who, once again, I failed to send a birthday card to.

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