The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!


The weather hasn’t been great today. There has, I have to admit, been some sunshine. There has also been a lot of rain. 

However, it was hardly the weather for thick coats, hats and scarfs! On the other hand, if you’re going to Antartica, as the kids were in their game, then the clothes seem entirely appropriate.

Later they went to Hawaii…

….except for Daniel.

In spite of that, when Daniel eventually asked me to take his coat off, he was pretty sweaty.

Yesterday night we were looking at all the pictures on our kitchen wall. It’s a collection of the artwork that the kids (and I) have done. Most of them had been done when Dominic was being home schooled. We got the ideas out of a book of 365 things to paint and draw. The kids said they wanted to do some more so we had a look through the book and chose a few possible activities. 

Since some of them actually required some artistic skill, we had to cross those off the list. Others needed things we didn’t have so we couldn’t do those. But we were still left with a few ideas, including Decorated Elephants. 

In a quiet moment this morning, I cut out some elephant shapes on coloured card. When the kids had finished jetting around the world, they decided to decorate them.

You can probably work out which child did each one. Daniel (3 years) nearly fell asleep doing his, Naomi copied the designs from the book and Dominic did his free-style. I like them all and they make a good addition to the art wall in the kitchen. 

I did manage to see the Queen Mary 2 depart last night. I didn’t see any fireworks but there was a light show projecting lights onto the Liver building. I couldn’t really get a decent photo with my camera but I very nearly got wet feet because I went down onto the beach to take a photo only to find that the tide was coming in rather quickly. Since this has happened to me before, I realised before it was too late and retreated to higher ground in time.

The ship looked great with all its lights and I was surprised how many other people had made the effort to get down onto the promenade late at night to watch her leave for her voyage to the USA.

No running (or cycling) today I’m afraid as I’m pretty much on childcare duties on a Sunday. Also, I still can’t breathe, which is annoying and a little concerning. If it doesn’t get any better I might be forced to see a doctor! (For anybody who knows me they will know that I almost never see a doctor, unless it is completely unavoidable).

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