The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

What to do about the running

Naomi said that Dominic had a sticker on him saying £7. She asked if I had £7 to buy him. Then she questioned whether he was too expensive. She suggested 50p.  Judge for yourselves.

I personally think £7 is a bit of a bargain, but I am his mother. Just to clarify – he isn’t actually for sale, it’s just a sticker that came off some clothes! Just in case social services come after me for trying to sell my son on the Internet or something. 

I still can’t breathe properly. I decided that it was foolhardy to try to run but I did cycle to catch the train to work today so I have done a little exercise. Because I wasn’t running, I asked Peter if he wanted to go for a walk instead.

We hadn’t gone far when it started to absolutely pour with rain. It was like when you accidentally put the shower on cold and can’t get to the tap to adjust the temperature. It was cold and very wet. It’s July for goodness sake! It’s meant to be sunny.

So now I’m sat in my lounge in what I would consider winter clothes. My feet are still a bit wet though because I forgot to change my socks. I did think about putting the heating on for a bit. Was it really a good idea to move to the north of England?

I’m slightly frustrated about the running. I want to keep fit but I’m not sure how to do that if I don’t run. Running is what I do and everything else seems like a poor imitation in comparison. I might just have to try to run a bit slower and see if I can cope with that. It’s just that the last few times I have run it has been anything but pleasurable as it has been such hard work and the less I enjoy it, the more demotivated I get. Running is fun (or it should be) it isn’t meant to be such hard work that you just want to stop.

Well, I can’t run for a couple of days due to work and home commitments anyway so maybe the breathing will have resolved itself by the weekend and I can try a nice long slow run along the river.

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