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I was back in Birmingham today for a second day of meetings with my Radiopharmacy colleagues.

There was trouble with the trains – something wrong with the overhead lines at Penkridge. I’m not entirely sure where Penkridge is but I think somewhere near Wolvehampton. 

Luckily, our meeting finished a bit early so I got to the station in plenty of time only to see the Liverpool trains flagged up as cancelled or delayed. So instead, I got a train to Wolverhampton as advised then on to Stafford and finally to Liverpool about 15 min before schedule. I’m not sure how that worked on my pre-booked ticket but, since my ticket wasn’t actually checked for the entire journey it was somewhat irrelevant.

The journey gave me a bit of time to do some reading so I thought I’d see what had been announced in yesterday’s budget.

I’m no economist but I am a mum of three kids. Three, I reckon, is the tipping point from sanity to insanity. Two were manageable but three, well three is very tricky.

It seems that George Osborne also thinks three kids is too many as he announced plans in yesterday’s budget to restrict tax credits to two children. This certainly will save the country money in the short term. Paying out for extra kids is costly as any family, and it seems the government, knows. But here’s the thing, Britain needs children. The population is ageing. In Britain in 2010 there were 2 workers for every pensioner. By 2030 as the baby boomers retire there will scarcely be more workers than pensioners. This policy and others announced in the budget do nothing to support the family.

I’m big on family. Stable, secure families are good for society as a whole and the breakdown of the family causes a plethora of problems – childcare issue, housing issues, stress, mental health problems such as depression which can itself lead to poor health, it’s unsettling for children and can lead to insecurity and other more serious problems. These things are expensive and the government often bears that burden. Strong families are good for society and the government should do what it can to support them. Cutting their income is not helpful.

All the figures show that low earning families will be hit hardest by the budget with pretty much everybody else (pensioners, singles, couples with no kids) either being better off or staying the same. That simply doesn’t make sense. Surely those earning a lot of money e.g. More than £100,000 per couple can afford to lose £1000 a year or 1/100th of their income but when you are only earning £20,000 as a couple to lose the same amount, 1/20th of your income, may be devastating. As always, it appears that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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