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Crafty Ideas

The school holidays will start from Thursday so I’m trying to think of some fun things for the kids to do or make.

Today we went to the church that meets in the primary school and they had these great ‘Things’ on the wall. They were made by the kids with the help of an artist called Ian Fennelly and are based on the book by Cressida Cowell called “Emily Brown and the Thing.” They looked great and I wondered if my kids could make something similar in the holidays. 

They seem to be mainly tissue paper with the other bits made from card. I’m not sure what the main body part is made of, maybe scrunched up paper with the tissue paper on top. Well, we can have a go. I ordered some craft stuff for the church Sunday School so we should have some better resources.

In the meantime, we made our own craft out of things from the recycling box and the little bit of craft stuff we still have.

Dominic made a balloon bobber while Naomi and I made a little car out of a tissue box. We put a bit of string on it so that you could pull it along.

So it looks like I’m going to have to hold on to anything that might look useful for making models and other artwork rather than putting it for recycling. I’ll also be on the lookout for other people’s ideas to copy.

We also made pizzas. Daniel put about half the grated cheese on his pizza so I had to do a bit of redistribution before they went in the oven.

The kids enjoyed them though.

While Peter was recording his podcast I was forced to play a game of hide-and-seek with the kids. This is much easier if you are small because you don’t need such a big space to hide in. I also found that there were some advantages of being small if you were seeking as Daniel easily spotted me under the table where I was hiding because I was at his eye level. The older children would probably have walked straight past me.

However, on one occasion I hid behind the bins and Dominic didn’t find me. Once he’d gone inside I moved to the shed because he’d already looked in there so I thought it unlikely that he would look there again. In the end he had to ring my mobile phone because he couldn’t find me!

The kids were still asking what they could do so we played Alphabet Find. One person chooses a letter from the alphabet and the others have to find 5 items beginning with that letter and bring them back to the person. There was a bit of imagination involved as Dominic brought me various toys that he claimed were called names like ‘Alan’ or ‘Fred’ and when we were on ‘P’ he got 4 of Naomi’s penguins who have names beginning with the letter ‘P’ and a pen. Inventive, I know, but it felt a bit like he’d cheated somehow.

Daniel said he wanted to be a pumpkin, which would have made a good alternative to the P’s for penguins. However, I thought this a strange request. I couldn’t think what he could be talking about until he dragged me into the front room and pointed to the pumpkin outfit.

So, after an action packed Sunday afternoon with the kids, the house is a complete mess. What’s it going to look like by the end of the school holidays?!

So, I haven’t done any actual running apart from running around after kids trying to entertain them. Thankfully I have to go to work for most of the summer holidays, which I reckon will be a bit more restful than looking after kids.

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