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Sports Day

It’s the middle of July, the end of the school term and with it, school sports day. Of course, that can only mean one thing, rain.

I wasn’t sure what they would do but it seems that they are used to bad weather in the north and had alternative plans – the school hall. Admittedly, it was a bit limited for the 5000m (only 100 times round the school hall) and the javelin was a disaster but it was perfect for the egg and spoon race.

I couldn’t make the sports day. At the time when my kids were running up and down the hall, I was carrying out quality control on the gallium-68 DOTANOC. When Dominic asked why I hadn’t come to watch, I told him what I had been doing and he said “Did you just make that up?” I’m not sure my kids are ever going to fully appreciate my work.

My breathing is a whole lot better today. This could be due to a number of reasons a) the medicines (inhaler and antihistamines) b) breathing in filtered air for most of the day in our clean room c) the rain removing the pollen from the air.

I didn’t want to risk running outside so I decided to go on the treadmill instead. I started off nice and easy and gradually increased the speed. This worked pretty well because by the end I was running faster than 7 min per mile. I did 4 miles on a 1% gradient in about 29 mins, which wasn’t bad.

Hopefully the breathing will continue to get better and I might be able to get back to some proper training soon.

By the way, in the picture, the kids are sitting on a chair made out of plastic bottles. They said that it wasn’t all that comfortable and could have done with a few cushions!

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