The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

So much for peace and quiet

I was just about to leave work when the phone rang. There was an extra patient for an urgent kidney dose. Usually, this wouldn’t be a huge problem but unfortunately, we were quite busy today and were right out if kidney doses so we had to make a whole new kit (including boiling it and cooling it) before we could draw up the dose. Three quarters of an hour later I finally picked up my coat and left.

My breathing was suffering a bit today with the warmer weather (and presumably higher pollen count) so I had thought about running on the treadmill again rather than breathing in the outside air. However, my late departure from work rather scuppered those plans so I ended up not running today. Also, I felt really tired – partly as a result of going up and down the two flights of stairs from our department to the Nuclear Medicine Department a number of times so I reckon I got a reasonable amount of exercise in despite not running.

After tea we went out to water the tomato plants. They haven’t got many flowers on them yet whereas other people tell me they already have ripe tomatoes.

However, I was pleased to find a few tiny tomatoes on each of my plants.


I wanted to make some scones this evening in peace and quiet but then Naomi kept asking me what she could do so I suggested she help me. Then Dominic wanted to join in and then Daniel wanted to too. So much for peace and quiet, it was madness.


I did get to use the new cutters that my sister sent me though – or rather the kids did.  By the end there was flour everywhere. Thank goodness there is no school tomorrow because Dominic’s grey school trousers are now white.
The scones were pretty good but next time I make some I will keep my mouth shut and just get on and do them by myself.

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