The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!


I did actually run today, but more of that later. We went for a picnic in Thurstaston, which is where the Wirral Country Park Visitor centre is. It’s on the other side of the Wirral but only half an hour in the car. Instead of having the Mersey and Liverpool, they have the Dee and Wales.

It was fairly sunny on the beach but the wind made it feel a bit cold. It must have been a good day for sailing though because there were loads of boats on the River Dee.

The kids wanted to make sand castles but the sand was too dry so they went down to the river to get water to wet it. However, this had the effect of making the sand like concrete and they couldn’t get it out of the bucket!

So after that they buried each others legs, which they found really fun.
The kids didn’t want to go for a walk, which is what I wanted to do. My friends told me it was really nice because you feel like you are both in the countryside and at the seaside. The kids just wanted to play with the sand though so I didn’t experience that delight.

So, having not gone for a walk, I did manage to run along the prom. It seemed to be windy going in both directions because the wind was coming from the side! I didn’t run too badly, 3.7 miles at 7:23 pace. I hope that I can get in some longer runs again soon. I really wanted to go back to the Country Park and do my run along the disused railway line (8 miles long from West Kirby to Hooton) but I didn’t have time but now that I know where it is, I can go another time.

When we got back Naomi kept pestering me to help her make something so we made these place name cards. I suspect that they are meant for Christmas but I who cares. Dominic made his own name card, which is probably why the robin in facing the other way.

At Thursaston we found that there was an art studio right on the beach which does creative courses (Shore Cottage Studio). They do them for adults and kids so I might have a look to see if there is something suitable for Naomi. That way somebody else can help her cut out shapes instead of me!

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