The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!


Why is there so much rubbish around? Our garden has walls that are about 6 feet high all around yet I’m continually clearing crisp packets, chocolate bar wrappers and plastic carrier bags from our garden. I wouldn’t mind quite so much if it were our own rubbish but the wrappers are from things we never eat so they can’t possibly be ours. Why can’t people throw their rubbish in the bin?

It was just as bad yesterday at the beach where it was impossible to find somewhere to sit that was litter free. I don’t know if there is particularly a culture of littering around here but I remember watching in horror as a couple of teenage girls wandered along the beach one day just dropping their litter or throwing it into the Mersey. Maybe I should have said something but I doubted that being shouted at by a stroppy adult would do much good. I really can’t understand what type of person would think it was OK just to drop litter but if people keep doing it then our environment is going to be ruined.

I said to Peter, “Do you think they would behave like that at home?” Then I realised that the answer was probably “Yes”.

I spent most of the day watching the European Junior Athletics Championships (U20). It was a very good day for Great Britain who ended the championships with 11 Golds. But it was also a good day for my club, Shaftesbury Barnet, with Kyle Langford winning the 800m by a whisker. 

I also made this night light glass with Naomi. It turned out better than I expected. We need to find some proper tea lights to put in it though as the battery operated light was a bit big to fit snugly into the base of the glass.

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