The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

The lost son

I got up at the crack of dawn and drove over to Thurstaston so that I could run along the disused railway track which runs between Hooton and West Kirby.

I haven’t done a long run for ages. I had a choice to run towards West Kirby (3 miles) or Hooton (5 miles) but I thought that if I ran to West Kirby then I would only run 6 miles but if I ran towards Hooton then I would have the chance to run 10 miles. 

In fact after 3 miles I decided that I really ought to turn round. I was running OK but I didn’t want to risk running too far when I’m not used to it. 

However, when I got back to the car (6 miles) I thought I’d just run a bit further so I ran another mile past the car and back again to make a total of 8 miles in 1hr 3min. I thought that was pretty good since it was so early in the morning and because I haven’t run that far in a while.

In the afternoon we drove to Llangollen. We walked along the edge of the hill. Since Daniel couldn’t walk very far (legs too short or something or maybe the fact that he’s only 3) and so Peter had to carry him, Peter, Daniel and Naomi turned back early and Dominic and I walked on a bit further.


The ferns were a bit thick in places and it was a bit like going through jungle undergrowth . You could adopt several techniques to overcome this problem. Do what Dominic did and crouch down to go underneath them; put you arms high above your head do that you didn’t get scratched by the vicious ferns (they were actually pretty scratchy); or just plough through them. After a while they thinned out and the path was quite walkable, maybe even OK for a run.

After we’d turned to go back, Dominic ran on ahead. I wasn’t too concerned as he disappeared in the distance because it was pretty obvious where we had to turn down the hill by the big stile. When I got back though, Peter, Naomi and Daniel were there but no Dominic! I’d lost Dominic!

I had to run back up the hill. I guessed it was most likely that he’d just missed the stile so I headed in the direction we’d been returning in. I walked for what seemed ages shouting his name. I found it difficult to believe that he could have gone far because the path was quite different from the way we’d come. 

I was about to turn back when I saw him running back towards me saying he’d come across a flock of sheep intent on attacking him! I’m not sure realised that he’d gone the wrong way but I was pretty pleased to see him again. 

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