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Nike Training Club Challenge

Yesterday night was family movie night. We’re making our way through the Harry Potter movies so it was number 5 last night. The film is actually irrelevant because watching movies is as much to do with the popcorn, snacks and drinks as to do with the movie. So it was that after eating half a big bag of popcorn and drinking a nice glass of red wine, the credits rolled and we thought about going to bed.

It was then that I remembered that I’d signed up for a Nike Training Club challenge. I’d read somebody else’s blog (I’m really sorry if it was your’s and I haven’t linked to it but I can’t remember whose blog it was) and they had recommended this 12 week training plan for running a mile and I thought I’d give it a go.

There were two main reasons for wanting to do this challenge. Firstly, I thought it would be good for me to do some different types of exercise. I really need to do some more conditioning exercises and I thought that this would give me the opportunity to do some with somebody else deciding what exactly I should do and guiding me through it. Secondly, there are often times when I can’t go out for a run because I need to be at home to look after the kids. However, I could still do the exercises in the workouts without having to leave the house. This way I would get in some good exercise while still being able to keep an eye on the kids. Anyway, yesterday was the first day so, after eating all that popcorn, I set about the first set of exercises. 

All would have been well but for the fact I really needed some weights and a step. Well I managed OK without the step because there are the stairs after all but for the weights I had to borrow some of the kids’ toys – so I had Tepig in one hand and Timmy the sheep in the other! OK, so they weren’t very heavy but I had to improvise (and anyway I’m not very strong). The kids thought it was hilarious and joined in with some of the exercises. The press ups off the step nearly killed me but I was pretty much OK with everything else (although technically you could say I was cheating doing it with the toys instead of weights). It was also surprisingly tiring and it would really have been good to get changed into something other than jeans and T-shirt before I started.

By the end I felt really sick. Do not attempt to do this type of workout after half a big bag of popcorn. It really isn’t a good idea. Then I read another blog where the guy had run a race where you had to run 1.6 miles then eat a whole load of ice-cream then run back! I didn’t feel so stupid after that. I mean, I didn’t intend to exercise after I’d eaten a whole load of rubbish but he actually entered a race where that was the plan. The blog was very funny so definitely have a look if you have time.

This morning I wanted to go for a run but Dominic wanted to come too so I said that was fine. It was a bit hilly, he was running in his crocs and he’d just eaten his breakfast. This wasn’t a great combination for a fast run. The main aim of the run was to find the route to the road and we found that after 1 mile (12.5 min) but when we turned to go back, it was a really steep hill so we decided to walk back instead.

However, only running one mile (and walking another) was quite a good warm up for the Nike Training Club workout and I was dressed appropriately this time. Also, I didn’t need any weights, just a step. The kids joined it too, it was so funny. We had to do lateral scissor jumps which saw us jumping across the room in formation. There was barely space for one of us let alone three of us to do this exercise. I also found I was completely useless at the hollow body (lie on your back and raise feet and shoulders) so a bit of work needed there.

We went on the Llangollen Railway. It was a bit like the Hogwart’s train in Harry Potter. The kids were entertained by an iSpy game they were given. We spied everything but the horse, heron and buzzard. I thought I saw some horses but it turned out to be cows! Perhaps I need my eyes testing again. In my defence they were more the colour of horses than cows.

Tomorrow there are no exercises as it is scheduled to be a 25 min run. I expect I will run a little further, if I can find the canal, but I won’t be taking any children with me this time. 

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