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Horseshoe Falls

I found my way to the canal this morning and ran from Horseshoe Falls, through Llangollen and towards Trevor. 

Horseshoe Falls is a weir designed by Thomas Telford and built in 1808 to provide water from the River Dee to the canal. It isn’t quite as impressive as Niagra Falls but worth a visit just the same. Anyway, this is where the canal starts so it was a pretty good place to start the run along the canal, even though it was raining a bit – I don’t normally like running in the rain (can’t see where I’m going because of the rain on my glasses) but it was actually quite pleasant.

There weren’t that many people on the tow path but I expect it gets pretty busy when the weather is nice. They do horse drawn boat trips along the canal and they were getting the horses ready as I ran past, they were beautiful.

I would have liked to run to the aqueduct at Trevor but it was already quite late in the morning and it was quite a long way so, after 2.8 miles I turned to come back. I was running pretty well at around 7:30 per mile (of course I would have been happier with 6:30 per mile but I have to take what I can get until I get a bit fitter). My calves were suffering a little from all those step ups yesterday but since it was pancake flat, they didn’t have to work too hard. I finished with an average of 7:28 per mile. 

In the afternoon, we all went back to the chain bridge (near the falls) to see the steam train going over the railway bridge on its way back to Llangollen. The bridge said that it only holds 10 people so, with 5 of us on it, that rather restricted access for anybody else.

We walked along the river for a bit to the parish church then, on the way back, we sat on the grass and waited for the train to come back the other way. 

There were some beautiful damsel flies on the river while we waited for the train.

It wasn’t long before the train came back. We could see the steam before we could see the train itself. 

There’s no Nike Training Club workout today as the schedule had a 25 min run/walk rather than a workout and I already did 42 min. However, I looked ahead to tomorrow and I’m a bit worried. There are lots of hamstring stretches, in fact the whole thing is stretching. I don’t really do stretching. I’ve never been very flexible and I reckon I’ve got long legs and short arms because hamstring stretches are the worst! All the exercises are demonstrated on the Nike app and these particular ones are demonstrated by a super flexible (and very muscley) gymnast called Shawn Johnson.

I looked at what was required for the pike stretch. You stand upright, bend at the waist and have your head touching your knees and, in her case, the palms of your hands on the floor. I may be able to get my hands somewhere in the vicinity of my shins and my head maybe about a foot from my knees. What I look like and what she looks like couldn’t be more different. It is going to be miserable but I will give it a go. There is only room for improvement, I can’t actually get any worse.

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