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Why you should run a mile

This is the blog I read about the Nike Training Club. Today’s run was fine but I’m a bit worried about the hamstring stretches tomorrow as readers of my blog will know, I don’t really stretch. I’m sure it will be good for me!

Take The Lunge

Running a mile with Nike Running a mile with Nike

It’s a famous benchmark distance; what you measure your speed by, the distance athletes strive to beat – but the chances are there’ll be few runners or aspiring runners that will don their trainers to go and run a mile.

I guess this is because it’s a weird ‘in between’ distance – it’s perhaps thought of as not far enough to feel like you’ve accomplished a ‘proper’ run, but for those into sprinting it’s too far. Having attended the launch of Nike’s campaign, I can tell you running a mile is tough – and not something to be sniffed at – even if you’ve managed 26 of them in a marathon.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll inevitably start off too quickly, thinking ‘Oh, it’s only a mile’, and a few minutes will go by before you realise you’re only a few hundred meters in…

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