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A trip on the canal

I went to Trevor this morning to run along the canal back to the point I got to yesterday. However, unlike yesterday, I didn’t have my breakfast before I went. I don’t really like running on a full stomach but this morning I could really have done with a bowl of porridge before I set out. It wasn’t that I was starving hungry, just lacking in energy. This made 8 min per mile seem much harder than 7:30 per mile felt yesterday.

Anyway, I was determined to get to the point I reached from the opposite direction yesterday. I had remembered the number of the bridge so I knew roughly how far I had to go. It’s odd that the bridges have numbers on them but I knew I had to reach number 43. It was just over 3 miles to the bridge.

When I got back, I did the stretching exercises from the Nike Training Club app. It was pretty miserable. There was one particular stretch called the Cat Stretch which I reckoned was physically impossible. You had to kind of kneel down and then stretch out such that your chest is on the floor. It isn’t simply that I am not very flexible but I think my legs are too long and my body too short to actually do this. If I just lean forward then my knees are in the middle of my face so how on earth is it possible for my chest to get on the floor from kneeling. I would draw a picture to illustrate this point but I can’t draw!

Before lunch we went for a short and particularly steep walk with the kids.

Dominic and I went a bit higher up while the others waited by the stream. Hopefully we will at some stage get to the point when all three children are capable of going on a decent length walk. For the time being though, only one of the three is anywhere near that point.  

In the afternoon we went back to Llangollen and the canal to take a ride on the horse drawn boat.

We had Stan pulling us but this is Hercules going the other way. I took a time lapsed video of our boat, which makes it look more like a speed boat than a leisurely saunter along the canal with the horse galloping along the tow path.

Dominic found it a bit boring and would probably have preferred it to have been a speedboat but the other two liked it. 

Tomorrow’s exercises from the Nike Training Club look nearly as bad as today’s. Roll on Saturday and the one minute intervals. Much more my style but I think it’s worth persevering with these conditioning exercises, surely I can only get better and hopefully they will help with the running too. 

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