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Wet weather running

The weather forecast looks bad all week. It is rain, rain and more rain. It was raining this afternoon when I wanted to run. I’d already done my nearly but not quite impossible exercises from the Nike Training Club app. The session was only 7 min long but, just to give you an insight into how difficult it is to get 7 uninterrupted minutes in this house, this is how it went.

The first exercise was The Hundred. It is a Pilates exercise where you lie on your back, lift your legs off the floor and then kind of waft your arm up and down for a minute. All went fine, I was almost able to actually do this exercise. No doubt it will hurt when I laugh, cough or sneeze for the next few days due to my weak and useless stomach muscles (I blame 3 children) but No pain No gain. 

I was just working out what I had to do for The Roll Up when the phone rang. It was the funeral directors wanting to arrange a funeral for a member of the congregation who died this week. I took his details and told him to email Peter. I went back to The Roll Ups. I can’t really roll up due to incredibly inflexible hamstrings. There were 90 seconds of this humiliating exercise (I will at some stage be able to get my head on my knees, I just need a bit more practice). I really could have done with being interrupted a few more times to make it a bit more bearable. The girl in the video makes it look oh so easy and smooth but for me there is the difficulty of the sit-up (weak stomach muscles not aiding this one) and the long leg, short arm/body issue hampering my ability to touch my toes (OK and the fact that I haven’t actually stretched properly for years).

I couldn’t work out exactly how to do Straight Legs to Criss Cross. This inability to actually follow any simple instructions for these exercises is one of the reasons I rarely go to classes at the gym. I find myself facing a completely different direction to everybody else and inevitably the instructor has to come over and put me in the right position, only for me to completely forget what I’m meant to be doing as soon as they move away. It is totally embarrassing. I look around and see people who couldn’t even run to the toilet being able to stretch into impossible positions and looking at me with a touch of sympathy and disdain and I want to explain that I’m really not quite as useless as I look.

It was during the side kick series that I heard a small boy making his way up the stairs in tears. Having ascertained that the reason for his tears were the fact that his big brother wasn’t sharing the big lollipop with him, I sorted out this little sibling crisis (I shouted downstairs telling Dominic to let Daniel have a lick of the lollipop). I was then able to return to the remaining few exercises without interruption. So, that was maybe 3 mins without interruption. 

Knowing that it was going to rain, I’d already planned to go to the gym. I just ran 4 miles on the treadmill on a 1% gradient, gradually getting faster. It took me 29min 27secs. About 28 min into the run some girls got on the treadmills near me. If you’ve read my previous blogs about running on treadmills then you will know that I have this thing about people walking on treadmills. Well today, things hit an all time low as the girl on the treadmill next to mine just sat on it and laughed. This was a trifle distracting to say the least. Laughing may be good exercise but you don’t need to join the gym to do it. I have no idea what was so funny, perhaps her inability to run on the treadmill but I would bet my bottom dollar that she could have done a Roll Up with no problems and probably was a pro at Straight Legs to Criss Cross.

So, it’s due to rain all week. Do I suffer the treadmill all week or do I just resign myself to getting wet? Decisions, decisions.

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