The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Intervals and obstacles

I had to do 8 x 1 min fast with 1 min rest between each. The weather was OK but rain was threatening so I chose to use the treadmill. I actually quite like the treadmill for this kind of session, although my preference is to run on the track with a group. The only disadvantage of the treadmill is that it takes about 15 seconds to slow down to walking pace and another 20 seconds to speed up to the fast pace so you don’t actually get much rest between intervals whereas if you run on the track then you can stop pretty much immediately and start from standing still.

I had my normal fight with the treadmill. It doesn’t seem to like you going fast so, as soon as you try to slow down at all from a quick pace it takes you right back to either 9.6kph or 3.2kph rather than slowing you down at your chosen speed. This is OK but sometimes it refuses to go fast again. Rather strangely though, when I had it going at 18kph during the warm up strides I realised that I didn’t have any gradient so I just pressed the gradient button to give me 1% and the treadmill suddenly decided that I wanted to go on a 15% gradient!! It’s bad enough doing 18kph on a 1% gradient let alone a 15% one. I don’t think the treadmill likes me.

My ideal speed for these intervals is 18kph which means you run 300m in the minute but I didn’t feel I was quite up to that right now so I did them at 17kph on a 1% gradient. The fact that I didn’t feel like I was about to die or fly off the back of the treadmill probably means that it went OK but I’m glad I didn’t try to run it any faster because my calves are still a bit stiff from those steps on Tuesday and I could feel them at the end.

For my run, I was fuelled by sweets from the cinema where we’d watched the Family AM film, Home. Everybody seemed to enjoy it, I liked the cat. Peter noted that the girl’s trousers were shorter at the end than at the beginning. This was a better review than he gives to most of the films that we watch so I think he thought it was OK.

In the afternoon, Naomi set up an obstacle course. We all had to have a go and Dominic timed us.

Peter had to help Daniel round although he was able to bounce on the trampoline without assistance.

We all had two goes and Daniel was the most improved but Dominic was the winner. 

I wonder if I should log the obstacle course in my mileage on the Nike training app. It would probably take me to 30 miles for the week.

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