The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!


I’m not sure what happened to the summer. I’m considering putting the heating on because it’s so cold. I went running in the rain – that’s how bad it’s got.

I had to take my glasses off after about 20 minutes because they were covered in rain drops. I couldn’t see any better without them on than I could with them on but it was less annoying.

There were hardly any people out on the prom, a few people walking their dogs and a few hardy souls running. I was surprised to see anybody actually, partly because the weather was so awful and partly because the weather was so awful. What I mean is, who wants to run in the rain? And, it was so awful that you could hardly see across the Mersey and it wasn’t that easy seeing anything especially without my glasses on. 

My dumbbells arrived today! They aren’t exactly the heaviest dumbbells ever. Even Daniel could lift them.

When I got back from the run (3.7 miles at 7:34 per mile) I did the Nike Training Club workout. 15 min of exercises where I felt particularly uncoordinated and useless. I did actually use the dumbbells though, better than Dominic’s toys last week but probably not actually any heavier. Hopefully I will improve. 

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