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Running longer

I have to admit that my legs were pretty stiff today. I knew that I was going to struggle with the scheduled session. It was a kind of yoga type workout which involved lots of stretching of hamstrings. My hamstrings don’t stretch – or rather, they don’t stretch very much, although they are a little bit more stretchy than they were two weeks ago when I started on the Nike Training Club challenge.

Also, this Nike Training Club challenge is rather light on running for a plan aiming to help you run faster and I’ve only run about 8 miles all week. Tomorrow is a running session but that will probably only be about 4 miles giving me a total of a 12 mile week, which is not really where I want to be. Also, I haven’t run further than 8 miles in one go for ages and really felt like I needed to run a few more miles.

I didn’t think it was windy outside. I was wrong, it is always windy running along the Mersey. I ran up to New Brighton and made my way round the head of the Wirral with the wind I my face and views out to the Irish Sea. It is great to be able to run along this stretch of coastline with views of Leasowe lighthouse in the distance and a vehicle free path to run along. I’m not exactly sure how far round the head of the Wirral you can go on this path but I do know that it gets a bit sandy in places because I went on my bike one day and had to get off and walk!

I tried to take it fairly easy on the way out but the wind was in my face so I probably worked harder than I was aiming to. It was an out and back run and I came to a convenient place to turn around after 4.75 miles.

Going back wasn’t quite as easy as I was hoping it would be. I still maintained a fairly consistent pace but I would have expected to have had an advantage with the wind at my back. I really struggled over the last mile or so but that’s hardly surprising since it is further than I have run in months. I was pleased to finish the run with an average pace of 8:12 per mile.

I did attempt the yoga type exercises on my return. There were 3 sets of 5 exercises all of which required considerably more flexibility than I currently have. My balance is also awful and I’m going to need to strengthen the muscles in my lower leg if I’m going to avoid wobbling so much. By the 3rd set I was seeing some improvement but, to be honest, they would have been embarrassing if anybody else had been watching but thankfully I was in the sanctuary of my newly converted gym/garage.

If you didn’t see my blog yesterday then you might be interested in the podcast I made. Click here to listen

The kids have been off school all week, and when I got home I found that the house was a complete mess – I think we might need a clear up tomorrow. The two older kids were hiding in the storage box in the hallway with their duvets. I have no idea what they were doing but they seemed happy enough – which is the main thing.

Tomorrow there is an interval session planned. I’m not sure how this is going to go after such a long run. I hope my legs have recovered.

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