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Inside Out

I thought that we could have a barbecue tomorrow. I looked at the weather forecast and it doesn’t look too bad. I had already bought some meat and put it in the freezer and, the other week, I got some of those easy to light barbecue coals. So I thought I’d better find out what state out barbecue was in. I looked in the outhouse – but it wasn’t there. Nor was it in the garage. In fact, it wasn’t anywhere. 

I think we left it in London! That would make sense as I knew we’d be tight for space when we moved to Liverpool as the house was quite small. I must have decided that we could live without it. Now we’ve moved to the Wirral we’ve got enough space but alas, nothing to barbecue on.

We went to see the film, Inside Out, this afternoon. It’s had excellent reviews with some critics saying that it was the best Pixar film ‘ever’.  As big fans of films such as The Incredibles ( must have watched it 30 times with Dominic) and Cars (probably watched that through almost as many times with Daniel), we were looking forward to this film. Dominic was particularly keen to see it. So, as the rain was pouring down outside (is it really summer?) we decided to go to the cinema.

I have to say that it was a good film and the kids enjoyed it, except for Daniel. Daniel (3 years) like me (47 years) thought it was a bit too sad. He wanted to stop watching it and watch another film instead! I liked the ideas in the film and thought that they were well executed but I would have liked the end part to be longer showing how things worked out so that I could have left the cinema feeling happy rather than sad. 

Dominic asked if you lost your ability to enjoy films as you got older! That’s missing the point really as it was a good film, it’s just that I don’t want to see a film that makes me sad and leaves me feeling sad. I don’t mind the film being sad in parts but I want it to be mingled with fun and laughter and ultimately to leave me feeling happy. The sadness should make you appreciate the joy more – which, ironically, is what the film is about.

I was happy though with my training session this morning. I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. It was meant to be 12 min of intervals where you ran 2 min at a fast pace and then 1 min faster then repeated that 4 times. My legs were still suffering a bit from the session with those awful burpees so I didn’t want to push it too hard but I did want a good effort.

I decided to run on a 1% gradient at 14kph (8.7mph) for the fast bit (this is the pace I would like to run a marathon at) and then take it up to 16kph (10mph) for the faster bits (this is the pace I would like to run 5km at). I think I could have gone quicker but I don’t want to get injured being crazy. However I did run the last minute at 17kph as I felt that I could go a bit quicker and had nothing to lose as it was the last one. I ended up covering 3km in 12 min. I was pleased that I felt OK but I think that I should try to test my limits a bit more next time. With the warm up and warm down I actually ran 4 miles.

So, that’s another week of the Nike Training Club challenge done (tomorrow is a rest day) and I feel a little fitter, a little more flexible and I have a couple of aches in places where I don’t usually ache.

If you read my blog a couple of weeks ago then you will remember that I was having some difficulty with my breathing which, I think, was an allergy to something in the air. Well, I am still having some problems but at least I have an inhaler that I can use when I feel things are getting difficult. Also, the weather has been pretty rubbish, which has probably helped to keep whatever it is that’s affecting me out of the air. I think I will be OK but it is still a bit annoying but at least I’m able to run and, for that, I am truly grateful. 

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