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Rest day, not likely

It’s a bit boring for the kids in the school holidays because they are stuck at home with Peter, who is trying to work. It’s not like he can take them out much or do exciting activities with them between planning sermons and doing other vicar stuff. So they have had to entertain themselves while I’ve been at work.

This means that I am trying to make the weekends a bit more interesting. Having said that, we spent most of yesterday afternoon tidying the house, which wasn’t very interesting. All the more reason to do something more interesting today. 

So it was, that after church today, I took them to Bubbles World of Play. We have never been there before so we thought we’d give it a go.

It’s a bit more expensive than the soft play in the ferry terminal but it’s also a lot bigger, having five levels. It’s arranged in different countries so that you end up going through the Taj Mahal and round Big Ben, I also visited China, Egypt and the U.S.A while accompanying Daniel. Naomi found the penguins in Antartica. There were also different slides with one big four lane slide that Daniel nearly flew off.

Today was meant to be a rest day from running but, a soft play area and a three year old together meant that there was little chance of rest. There must be a perfect age for soft play and three isn’t it. A three year old needs help going up the slopes and down the slides and over the bridges and through the tunnels. A three year old needs his mum to carry him over the scary parts and to make sure he doesn’t get lost or knocked over by bigger kids rushing past. Soft play isn’t made for adults. The ceilings are too low and the bits you have to squeeze through are too narrow. It’s exhausting. I’m sure all those flexibility exercises I’ve been doing helped though.

Eleven is also not the perfect age for soft play and the most exciting thing for Dominic was the triple flavoured slushie. 

Naomi and Dominic reckon that 5 or 6 is the perfect age for soft play. An age when it is still exciting but you can go round on your own. By the time Daniel is that old I will, no doubt, have a sulky teenager and a little girl who is bored of soft play.

Daniel and Naomi did enjoy it though, especially the ball pit.

I found that I had far too many carrots sitting in my fridge so, in an attempt to use them up this afternoon, I made stir fry (with sliced carrots), carrot and coriander soup, and carrot muffins.

The carrot muffins looked a bit weird but tasted quite nice.

We decided to see what we could do with the marbling inks this evening. However, we quickly found that in order not to drip ink on their clothes, it was ideal for the kids to do this activity in their underwear!  

I’m not sure what we’re going to do with all the marbled bits of cards but hopefully they can be used as part of another activity. I quite like the patterns though.

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