The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Zoom Fast

It was a pretty productive day even though I was stuck in the office for most of it. I’m really trying to catch up on the paperwork and I got quite a bit done as well as having two productive meetings. 

A rep from one of the companies came to talk to me about a new computer system but, more importantly, she also lives on the Wirral so I was quizzing her about places to visit and things to do in the area. I hadn’t realised that there is an athletics track about 5 miles from our house and they have a group for kids that meets on a Monday and Wednesday so maybe we’ll take a look tomorrow. However, this is also really good news for me as I was wondering if there was a running club near us that I could join. 

I had to take Naomi to work with me this morning because she was going to a sleepover with her friend who lives in Liverpool. It looked like she’d packed for a week. She had her Trunkie case, a bag of toys another bag with her coat and blanket and she was carrying Pingu (her favourite toy) and something she’d made for her friend. When her friend’s mum arrived the car was already packed with her three kids so there was barely room for Naomi and all her stuff. What’s she going to be like when she’s a teenager?


Tonight’s training was a 30 min workout from the Nike Training Club app called Zoom Fast. There was quite a lot of jumping involved and using the stepper (which I quite enjoyed). I particularly liked the Sumo Plyo Box Jumps. I didn’t even mind the burpees with a difference (burpee with 2 foot lateral jump over box) but I did not like the Rope Walk to Double Leg Extension (how do you get your legs up straight?). The lady on the app was saying “put your legs down gently” as I heard my feet go “thump” on the floor in a somewhat uncontrolled fashion. These leg extension things were coupled with a Plank Walk to Rotation – another killer for my untoned abs but worse for my elbows. I’m not entirely convinced that my technique is all it should be.

Anyway by that stage I was dripping in sweat with sweat running into my eyes! It was quite fun though and different from my normal training. I’m really interested to see if it helps with my running, particularly my speed.

It’s all rather quiet this evening without Naomi. Hopefully she’s having fun with her friend. Meantime Peter and Dominic are really annoying me asking Siri pointless questions on the iPad!

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