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The Oval Bebington

We went to the track for the first time tonight because Wirral Athletics Club run a session for kids on Mondays and Wednesdays and I thought Dominic might enjoy it because he seems fairly good at running. 

The Oval at Bebington is famous as it features in the film Chariots of Fire – in the film it is the Colombes Olympic Stadium in Paris. Interestingly, the Woodside ferry terminal down the road from us was also featured in the film; it was used to represent the embarkation scenes at Dover.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t running like Eric Liddle tonight. The session was 3 x (5 x 200m) with 30 sec rest between each rep and 200m walk between each set. The rest is quite tight, you barely have time to catch your breath before you’re off again. If you aren’t very fit then this session is going to find you out – I was found out. It’s also quite challenging to do it on your own especially with a headwind in the home straight. I would probably have run better in a group but I was on my own tonight.

The first set weren’t too bad actually (about 40 sec per 200m) but then I just got slower. The second set were nearer to 42 sec each and the last set 43 secs. I didn’t feel like I was firing on all cylinders and I just felt heavy, if that makes any sense. I would have aimed to get them all under 40 secs but I haven’t been on the track for about a year so probably that was expecting a bit much.

Dominic did the kids’ session (this is him at the back in the striped T-shirt running to the front).

I’m not sure that he really enjoyed it but he said it was OK to go back next week so it can’t have been too bad.

I was stopped by one of the coaches after my first set of reps. He asked me if I had done much running before. I guess that that would be a Yes! I didn’t explain quite how much running I had done though but I think it must be about 40 years of running and growing up in a running mad family.

We took the whole family to the track tonight so maybe I will have my own running mad family. I hope that next time we can get Naomi running too but she was exhausted from her sleepover. I don’t know why they are called sleepovers because sleep seems to be the main thing that’s missing. Naomi’s a bit resistance to doing any sporting activity because she doesn’t have an ounce of competitiveness in her body.

Just as I was about to write this blog I was forced (by Naomi) to make a playground for her new kitten toys. This involved cutting bits out and sticking them together. I’m sure that the idea of these kids’ magazine activities is for the kids to do them not the parents. 

So, having successfully made the playground I am now writing the blog. 

Tomorrow I plan to find the women’s group from Wirral A.C. They say that they are doing an interval session but I might just go to find out what they do rather than actually doing it as I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk tomorrow let alone run.

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