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Running in Port Sunlight

I’m gradually finding my way around the Wirral. Yesterday I was in Bebington and today in Port Sunlight. Port Sunlight is the Wirral equivalent of Birmingham’s Bournville but without the chocolate and with more washing powder. It was built to house workers in what is now Unilever but was originally their soap factory. Given the choice I’d prefer the chocolate but it was very pleasant in Port Sunlight.

What was more extraordinary was that the sun came out and there was blue sky! You wouldn’t have imagined this morning that it would be such perfect running weather this evening.

I went to Port Sunlight to join a group of women from Wirral A.C. organised by Sarah from the club. It turns out that she’s a pretty good runner so I might have found myself a training partner. The others were mixed ability but we had a great time doing some short intervals as relays and it was organised in such a way that it didn’t matter what your ability was, you would still fit in.

We went to the river park which was almost exactly opposite where we lived in Liverpool. You could almost see the red bull on the Otterspool promenade. I thought I might suffer after the 200s yesterday and my Nike Training Club workout (lots of jumping about but only 15 min) but I was fine.

The best thing though is that I found out that the Birkenhead Park parkrun has started. There have been 3 runs so far. Birkenhead Park is only a couple of miles from my home so I won’t have to get up quite so early as I would have to get to Ellesmere Port or Princes Park (Liverpool). I’m quite excited about that. Whether I’ll still be excited when I have to get up at 8am to get there on Saturday morning is another thing.

I still haven’t really found my way round the Wirral. I very nearly ended up going down the tunnel to Liverpool but luckily there was a little road that stupid people like me could go down to avoid going through the tunnel. Hopefully I will eventually work out where I am and where I want to be!

Earlier today I made my second podcast episode in which I talked to Peter about running pace. You can listen here.

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