The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Egremont Summer Bonanza

I rather like the fact the the Nike Training Club 12 week challenge that I’m working my way through has Sundays as off days as it is really difficult for me to run on Sundays. It used to be my long run day but being a vicar’s wife (+ having 3 kids) has made that impossible.

So, instead, while Peter was doing his fourth service this morning, I made a barbecue! I got it for £10 from Tesco yesterday. It has the quality of a £10 barbecue and I’m not sure that the wheels will actually stay on if you try to move it. Naomi was a great help in the construction process, I’m surprised that she isn’t more into Lego as she is particularly good at finding the right pieces and following instructions.

After lunch, Daniel wanted to go to the park. We found that it isn’t just small boys that like swings, the big boys enjoy them too.

We walked back along the river and found that there was a summer fair along the Egremont Promenade. It was meant to be raining today (according to the weather forecast) but in fact it was ideal weather for the fair with the sun coming out in the afternoon. I could have actually lit my barbecue if I had known.

Daniel spotted a giant Tigger toy as we walked past the many stalls along the promenade so we decided to get it for him. He was very happy and insisted on carrying it even though it was nearly as big as him!

The problem with having more than one child is that, if you buy something for one of them, you inevitably have to get something for the others. So it is that we are now the proud owners of: one giant Tigger; two yappy dogs (small dog toys which bark and walk a bit when turned on); and three wiggly worms (bits of fluff on sticks!). I feel that I got off relatively lightly as the whole lot only cost us £13 and there was a lot more tat on sale that they might have wanted.

I’ve now completed 3 weeks of the training challenge, today being thankfully easy. I’m not sure how it is going to work if I get more involved in the running club as I feel like this week has been a bit too intense but I doubt that I will end up doing two interval sessions and a parkrun in the space of 4 days again. I’m looking forward to another week though and whatever challenges unfold.

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