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Now you see him, now you don’t

We’ve been thinking about getting a dog for ages. We considered getting a greyhound from the retired greyhound trust but greyhounds are really big and we weren’t sure  we could all fit in the car with a greyhound too so we decided to consider something a bit smaller. However, we weren’t keen on a little yappy dog so we needed something a bit bigger. When we saw a beagle in need of a new home we thought he might be the answer.

So, today Peter and the kids drove over to have a look at the dog and, by the time I got home from work, we had a new member of our household. That all happened a bit quicker than I was expecting. 

Milo is a lovely dog, but he doesn’t actually respond to instructions such as “come”. He is incredibly good natured and very good with the kids. He’s also good with other dogs – largely ignoring them. However, he does have a lot of energy. I’m not a huge dog fan but even I have fallen in love with him.

I was still keen to go to the track tonight for the kids training session in spite of the excitement of the new dog. So, we all squeezed into the car and set off for the track. However, Milo wasn’t keen to be in a hot car after his previous journey and was trying to escape by clambering all over Naomi. So, we stopped to adjust our positions, but, in doing so, Milo slipped his collar and was off. You have never seen a dog move so fast. Peter reacted pretty quickly and sprinted off down the road in hot pursuit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him move so fast either.

Milo raced across the road by the ferry port and headed off along the promenade. Peter managed to keep up but lost him by Guinea Gap (that was about 1km from where we’d stopped the car). Luckily there were quite a few people around and they pointed Peter in the right direction and he found him by Wallasey Town Hall. He did actually stop running for a bit. However, Peter still couldn’t get the collar on. As soon as he got close, Milo darted off in the other direction. No doubt he thought it was a great game. 

Eventually, after about half an hour, he was undone by a female. While Milo was distracted by the bitch’s feminine charms, Peter managed to slip the collar on. All power to the females! We decided to walk him home as he obviously wasn’t keen on the car.

We never did get to the track. Peter had certainly done enough running around for one day. I decided to just go for a brief run (2 miles) and I did my Nike Training Club workout, which involved lots of balancing on one leg and lots of press ups. I’ve done this particular workout before and had to use the kids toys as weights because I didn’t have any dumbells but now I’ve got some proper weights, which I have to say were a lot better than using soft toys.

Talking of soft toys, we made these little guys out of some old socks last night. We also made some snakes out of tights but we didn’t have quite enough rice for mine so it’s a bit short and looks more like a big poo than a snake! I think I’ll have to adjust it a bit, maybe it can be a monster or something.

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