The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Training required

Thankfully, today hasn’t been as eventful as yesterday. Our new dog, Milo, has been amazingly good. I half expected our dining room (where he slept) to be torn to shreds this morning but everything was in order.

When I got home, Peter was attempting to take Daniel on his tricycle, the two kids and the dog on a short walk to deliver a baptism form to a parishioner. This was no mean feat. Luckily, I got back just in time.

Taking the dog for a walk was like a workout in itself. He was pulling so much on the lead that I had to use all my strength to rein him in. I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been trying to control him while pushing Daniel on the tricycle. Neither of them have the ability to go in a straight line. We really have got to train him – and the dog.

Peter vaguely knew where we had to take this baptism form. He thought it was a road off the main road but we couldn’t find it. We asked somebody if they knew where the road we were looking for was but they said that they’d never heard of it and “it wasn’t round here.”

We walked on a little further along the main road and the road we were looking for was the very next street! Don’t ask a local the way.

I ran briefly (2  miles, 7:25 per mile) as a warm up and then did my Nike Training Club workout. It was the one with the step ups and the lateral shuffle with scissor jumps. I didn’t do too badly, I even managed to hold the hollow body for 30 seconds.

I think I’m getting a bit better at these exercises, I feel a bit fitter than I was. Hopefully this will be transferred into improved running too.

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