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It was a Friday 13th type of day!

It felt like it should have been Friday 13th not Thursday 13th. It was more of a Friday 13th type of day. Actually the morning was OK (except that the door into the hospital that I normally use was locked so I had to go back down the stairs and in through a different door thus setting me off late to start with) but the afternoon was a different matter.

We had to do a validation run this afternoon and that didn’t work properly and then we had to make a relatively straightforward product – and that didn’t work so we had to make it again. Of course you then have to repeat the quality control tests so by the time we’d done all that, it was about an hour and a half after we were meant to leave.

On the plus side, it didn’t rain. There was flooding in the south of England and it was meant to be moving north but it hasn’t arrived – yet. Good job because I forgot to take my coat or an umbrella to work and it’s about 15 min walk from work to where I leave my car.

I am really keen to get Dominic running. Firstly I think he could be quite good, he has a very natural running style and a reasonable amount of stamina. Secondly, I think he will enjoy it once he gets into it and he might even make some friends if he joins the running club. I’ve taken him out a few times and he has enjoyed it but we’ve had no consistency and he isn’t very fit. They say that kids run about all the time but that isn’t really true of mine. They don’t run about much at all. They do end up walking a reasonable distance though.

Anyway, as part of my cunning plan to train both the dog and Dominic, I want to take them both out for a run when I get home from work. I can use this either as a warm up for my other exercises with the Nike Training Club app or as a warm up for a longer run, as well as a way to get dog and boy fit.

The dog is fitter than Dominic right now but at least Dominic doesn’t stop to sniff lampposts – well not often. I had trouble taking a photo of them both because as I ran on ahead to get a photo, the dog wanted to speed up too and dragged Dominic along with him.

We recorded another episode of the running podcast this evening on Spreaker. It’s a bit dog-centred but I hope you enjoy it listen here but we do discuss running related matters too.

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