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Cookie fun

In the Sunday school at church today we were looking at the story about when Peter denied that he knew Jesus. This seemed like an excellent opportunity to decorate some biscuits. Actually pretty much any bible story is a good opportunity to decorate biscuits.

So we made sad and happy faces. Sad for when Peter cried when the cock crowed and happy for when Jesus forgave him. 

When we got home, the kids were keen to make some chocolate chip cookies so, this afternoon, we made some more biscuits but the happy faces were on the kids not the biscuits.

I didn’t run today because it was a scheduled rest day but I felt really tired. Probably because I’m just not used to running 9 miles or maybe because I got woken up early. At least I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow. 

The dog still needs a lot of training as he seems incapable of coming when called so there is no hope of letting him off the lead. He also ate part of one of Dominic’s crocs today. Dominic has managed to get him to sit and even to stay for a reasonable length of time but it seems there is still much work to be done especially since once he gets focused on a smell then he ignores everything else. 

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