The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Running faster at last 

A good run, some fun circuits, a barbecue (at last), a bump and some kids with an aversion to running.

We all went to the soft play this morning. It was less exhausting than normal because Daniel was perfectly happy just running around in the area by our seats and also, it wasn’t all that busy so I was less worried that he would get bashed into by other kids.

When we got back I ran along the prom to New Brighton and back, probably my most frequently run route. Even with the wind in my face, I was going pretty well but with the wind at my back I picked up a bit of speed. I got back half a minute faster than I’ve ever run this route before covering the 3.7 miles at an average pace of 7:07 per mile but with the last mile at sub 7 min per mile. This was really encouraging.

The Nike Training Club app workout was some circuits really designed for football players. I’m still struggling with anything that involves balancing on one leg but basically the other exercises were quite good fun.

We finally got round to having a barbecue several weeks after I bought all the stuff. If you read a previous post then you will know that I found that we didn’t actually have a barbecue to cook on and I had to buy and construct a new one. Success, the wheels didn’t even fall off when we moved it! Daniel decided that he wanted chips instead and refused to eat anything. 
I went to buy Dominic a phone from Argos in Birkenhead this afternoon. It must be the cheapest mobile phone ever – £4.99 – but it came at a cost. On the way back I managed to fall off my bike. It was my own stupid fault but I was either going to fall off or be squashed under a white van that was driving on the other side of the road from what I was expecting. Painful as it was, I chose to fall off rather than to be hit by the van. Well actually I chose to stop rather suddenly, lost my balance and rather embarrassingly found myself on the ground. I now have a cartoon like bump on my shin and a bruised thigh.

I wanted to take the kids to the track tonight for the running session but they refused to go! Will none of my children run? My only hope is with Daniel.

As it turned out, Dominic probably got more exercise running along the beach with Milo.

It was a little tricky pushing Daniel along the last bit of beach. He would have been asleep still but for the fact that we had a sudden panic that he’d dropped his toy car when he fell asleep. I had visions of having to retrace our steps along the beach in search of a small blue toy car. It had fallen down into the seat and he was sitting on it but we woke him up in the panic of looking for it. People should warn you before you even think about getting pregnant that you will end up spending half your life carrying small children places that it would be easier not to and worrying about lost toys. This would be a powerful contraceptive. Maybe I should start making educational films telling of the perils of having children. Let’s face it, I have the bumps and bruises to prove that it isn’t all plain sailing.

Monday night is family film night so that meant the last of the Harry Potter films. Maybe next week we can watch something a bit lighter. 

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