The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Chocolate brownies

A day of disappearing brownies, a reasonable run, slightly boring exercises and a service in which Peter played no part.

I did my normal run this morning. My legs were tired and a bit stiff – a combination of a quick run yesterday and falling off my bike. Both my right ankle and my left thigh were suffering a bit but I’m fairly confident it isn’t serious.

The wind was quite strongly in my face as I set out but I took it fairly steady. Coming back was a little easier and I finished in just under 28 min for the 3.7 mile route.

The Nike Training Club app exercises were really boring today. I felt like a ballet dancer although I’m sure I looked nothing like one. Elegant wouldn’t be a word used to describe me when I’m doing these exercises. They were things such as ‘second position plié releve combo’ and ‘first position pulses’. No doubt they did me some good but I think I actually prefer the ‘evil burpees’.

I made chocolate brownies today. It is a recipe from the bbc good food website and uses mayonnaise, which I always find bit weird. It’s a great recipe though and the brownies are very popular in our household. This is how they looked….

And this is how they looked 15 min later….

The dog was responsible for 2 of them. I don’t know how he managed to jump up and get to them but he seemed to have knocked a couple on the floor and eaten one before I discovered him. Seven were eaten by the kids and I had one!

I know that dogs aren’t meant to eat chocolate so I hope he’ll be OK. I think the kids will survive though.

I had to take my car for a service today. This is normally quite a painful experience for my purse but it was remarkably painless this time – perhaps there are advantages of living in the north. 

I had a bit of a sort out and came across one of Daniel’s birthday cards even though his birthday was months ago. He really likes the film, Cars, and this was a Cars card. He wanted to colour it in – or rather he wanted it coloured in.

So, I had to do the colouring and he told me what colour to use. I’ve heard that colouring in is very therapeutic and you can buy colouring books for adults. Amongst children’s activities, it is one of the ones that I don’t mind too much but I don’t think I’m going to be buying any adult colouring books.

Daniel was so pleased with the card that he insisted on taking it on our walk. Not that he actually did much walking. I’m hoping that he’s just saving his legs so that he doesn’t wear them out before he becomes a top class runner but it could just be that he’s just a little lazy.

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