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Wet West Kirby

A wet picnic that wasn’t, an unexpected skating trip and a good interval session on the treadmill and not in the rain. 

The weather was beautiful this morning. The weather forecast says it would cloud over but I figured that it would still be OK for a picnic. People have told me how nice the beach at West Kirby is so we thought we could go there.

By the time we left home, it was beginning to look less than sunny. Driving towards West Kirby it started to spot with rain (it didn’t mention that in the forecast). We parked the car and went to investigate the beach. We found that none of the children actually had a coat and Dominic didn’t even have a jumper! Kids. The sky was looking distinctly grey and it was particularly cold and windy on the beach.

Nobody was keen to sit on a freezing cold beach and I wasn’t sure that anybody would give a positive response if I suggested walking across to Hilbre Island. Good job too because I suspect that we would have been stuck there for five hours if we had as it is only accessible at low tide and in fact I found out later that the tide was coming in at that point, although you wouldn’t have known it by looking at the large expanse of sand. Peter had a better suggestion.

Even Daniel agreed that Fish & Chips was a better idea than a picnic on a cold English beach on what was, by then, a rather wet Wednesday. In fact, it was pouring with rain.

So, it seems that West Kirby is a pretty nice place to visit but perhaps not in the rain.

Instead, Naomi and I went into Liverpool in search of school uniform. I still don’t really know my way round Liverpool so it was a bit of a walk from where I parked to John Lewis. It seems that crocs are the most inappropriate footwear for walking the streets of Liverpool in the rain. It was like skating on ice for Naomi and I had to hold on tightly to her to stop her falling over. In the briefest of moments that I let go of her hand, she fell over!

Anyway, because of the trip into Liverpool I got back 5 min too late for the gym. I thought I might make it so I hurriedly shoved everything into my bag and ran to the gym. I was five min late but I just had to pay a small fee to get in so, since it was raining heavily, I thought it was worth it.

I couldn’t remember exactly what the session was meant to be but I knew roughly that it was a kind of pyramid interval session. What I actually did was 30s, 60s, 60s, 90s, 90s, 60s, 60s, 30s with the same rest as effort. The 30 sec reps were at 18.7kph, the 60 secs at 18kph and the 90s at 17kph all on 1% gradient. I wish I’d done the 90sec ones a bit quicker but it was pretty tough working up to them off short recoveries. That’s the problem with the treadmill – it takes a long time to speed up and slow down so if you only have 30sec rest then the whole time is spent slowing down and speeding up again so it feels like no rest at all. I think a minute is pretty much the minimum rest that is possible on the treadmill. 

When I got back I found that the session that I was meant to do from the Nike Training Club Challenge was 30s, 60s, 90sec, 2min, 90s, 60s, 30s but I actually preferred the session I did.

I hope that this isn’t what August is always like on the Wirral. The lady in John Lewis asked if Naomi wanted some knee length socks. Naomi said that it was OK because she had some ankle socks. I had to remind her that we were now living in the north of England and that ankle socks might not keep her warm enough in the winter but I’m really not sure that ankle socks are suitable for August in Liverpool either. I want some sunshine.

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