The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Not watching celebs

No running today but I still did the workout (lots of jumping about), we failed to go swimming and I failed to spot any celebrities in Liverpool. It was not all that exciting a day!

I had to go to work today but only because we were having a leaving lunch for one of my team. She isn’t really leaving, just going to another department but unfortunately she won’t be working with us anymore.

I contemplated going along to celebrity watch at Cilla Black’s funeral while I was in Liverpool. I don’t think I would have got anywhere near any celebrities though because apparently there were crowds of people. We discussed famous people who we had met over lunch. I haven’t really ever met anybody famous but amongst the staff they had met the Pope, the Queen and somebody off Emerdale! How can I compete with that?

Very little interesting happened today, in fact Daniel eating cereal was about as exciting as it got.

We went to go swimming but it seems that Thursday is the only day that they don’t have a family session. 

I did actually do the Nike Training Club workout – well most of it – I missed out the ‘rope walk to double leg extension’ as I can’t do it and all that happens is that I vaguely lift my legs a bit off the floor and wiggle about, which isn’t really what is intended.

My legs felt quite tired today and also, for some strange reason, my lower back was really stiff. Hopefully I can get a run in tomorrow and maybe even swim with the kids, rain is forecast so we might end up swimming in the puddles.

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