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Introducing the worm stretch

The schedule for the Nike Training Club Challenge was pretty light today, just some stretches and stuff. Light but impossible (more of that later). I felt inspired to run but nice and easy because my lower back is still a bit stiff and I made some monsters with the kids.

So the stretches were mainly OK. Of course I still can’t do the ‘pike’ which is basically standing upright then bending over so that your head is on your knees and your hands are on the floor. My hands aren’t on my knees anymore, in fact they are somewhere between the shin and ankle as I can actually bend a little further now, but it still isn’t pretty. However, I’m still having real trouble with some of the other stretches.

I simply don’t get how you (or perhaps its just me) can do a ‘cat stretch’. I mean, I can see the girl on the Nike Training Club app doing it on the video and it all looks fine but maybe my body just isn’t in the right proportions or something or maybe my back doesn’t actually bend backwards. These are the instructions for the stretch:

  1. From a kneeling position, reach to lay your chest and arms straight out in front of you on the floor.
  2. Your butt is up in the air

2015-08-21 18.48.32

So, is this physically possibly for me? Here are the maths. From my knee to the place where my body bends at the top of the legs is 40cm. So my butt is basically 40cm off the ground, but from the place where I bend in the middle of my body to my chest is just 24cm. I’ve done a little drawing to illustrate my problem.

2015-08-21 18.51.33

The upper cartoon illustrates the woman on the Nike Training Club app and the lower cartoon represents me (beautiful I know!) My drawing skills have been much discussed in the past (normally followed by peels of laughter).

I could have my knee bent at a more obtuse angle than 90 degrees, that would help but actually, by the time my chest is on the ground, I’m almost at 180 degrees and I’m not sure that this is a cat stretch, more of a worm stretch!

Daniel came up when I was doing the stretching and, in typical three year old fashion asked “what you doing mummy?” then proceeded to join in. Here is his effort. It’s better than my attempt but I, unlike him, didn’t bang my head!

2015-08-21 12.26.35

I made a podcast yesterday about my problems with my shoelaces and other potential clothing catastrophes whilst running. You can listen here, it’s only 10 min and mildly amusing in places. Then I listened to somebody else’s podcast and suddenly felt inspired to go for a run. Actually the podcast wasn’t that inspirational but I just felt like I wanted to run. I only did 3 miles really easy on the treadmill but it was nice to run and I listened to one of my favourite podcasts which is marathontalk.

I was going to take the kids swimming but they didn’t seem all that interested and it was pouring with rain. We made some monsters though. They were based on ones we saw in the school where the church service is held. They weren’t as good as the ones in the school but I think that those ones probably took a lot more patience and time than my kids were prepared for. However, I still liked our efforts.

2015-08-21 18.23.02-1

We ended up using cotton wall balls with tissue paper stuck over it for the heads to give them the depth but I think that the ones in the school might have been paper mache. Daniel didn’t do much sticking but he did give a lot of instruction. I was all for adding extra bits to Monster Thing but he didn’t want it. He was very keen for it to have wings though. I liked the fact that Naomi was able to use the marbled ink card that we made the other week for her Weird Thing’s body. Dominic was very pleased with his, I liked the way he used the pipe cleaners for the pupils of the eyes.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow. It is meant to be a 1 miles timed run but I’m thinking of just doing a long run. Maybe I could throw in a fast mile somewhere along the way.

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