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A milkshake Sunday

It’s Sunday, renamed Restday, so no running today. It was a bit of a weird day though. There was the athletics in the middle of the night and then in the middle of the day from Beijing, church, a church meal, football in the afternoon and a mixed bag of weather.
The news from Beijing was mixed this morning. It was really sad to hear about KJT’s 3 no jumps in the long jump of the heptathlon especially since the last one was so close. That’s the difference between a medal and nowhere. Jessica Ennis-Hill was another matter though and even by the time I woke up, it looked fairly certain she would claim gold.

In fact, we got up a bit late so it was a bit of a rush to get to church on time – probably a mistake to make pancakes for the kids for breakfast with my rather sticky, non-stick frying pan. 

I packed all the kids in the car and we went to church. Daniel wouldn’t stop crying in the Sunday School because he wanted Naomi’s piece of coloured paper! Eventually he was content with a new piece I gave him. Children can be ever so slightly annoying at times.  


The older two decided to make some more cards when we got home. I had to cut out all the petals.

Then we had to wait for Peter to come home so that we could go out for lunch so we watched the athletics. It was the semi-finals of the men’s 100m. Bolt only went and nearly fell over! There was nearly 0.2 seconds between him and Gatlin going into the final, that’s about 2m. I knew I would miss the final because of the lunch but I was still excited.

It had been sunny all morning but, as Peter walked through the door, it clouded over so our sunny afternoon at the garden centre wasn’t going to be sunny after all.

We were a bit late so by the time we got there, everybody else was getting served.

It was fine though, and it didn’t take too long to get our food, even for my impatient kids. Dominic wanted a milkshake, which I was a bit dubious about in that I couldn’t see him eating a plate of lasagne and drinking a milkshake. Well, I was right on that but the milkshake was great and, luckily for me, there was some of that left too.

I’m not sure what the fascination is with bubble gum flavoured ice cream. It tastes like liniment. The pistachio was really nice though. Thankfully, my son has appalling taste so all the bubble gum flavour was eaten leaving me with most of the pistachio.

Everton were playing Manchester City in this afternoon’s football. Sue, as a season ticket holder, went off to watch the impending doom. Actually, at half-time it looked quite promising but eventually the inevitable happened and two goals went past Tim Howard.

We hardly did anything all afternoon. I listened to a really interesting podcast on Marathontalk by the guy who did the documentary about Alberto Salazar. It was rather timely after the men’s 100m final. I was so happy that Bolt won.

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