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Tired thighs 

My legs felt really tired today. I think that yesterday’s session was pretty tough with the run and the workout. There were loads of squats in the workout and my thighs were particularly tired. Throw in the cycle commute to work and that might explain my lack of zoom.

The session today was meant to be a run at normal speed for 1-1.5 miles then turn around and run back as fast as possible. This would be fine but my normal run is along the prom but it was particularly windy today.

It was coming from the side, which made running in both directions difficult. I was going to do a loop so I got the wind in all directions but that was even worse as I ended up having to go uphill into a headwind which was horrible.

So I did the loop and then I ran along the prom for a mile, then I ran one mile as fast as I could manage and then I jogged/ran home. The fast mile wasn’t that quick (6:51) and I felt frustrated that it really wasn’t as fast as I would have liked but, on reflection, in the context of how I felt, it wasn’t that awful. Overall the average speed for the full 4.5 miles I ran was 7:30 per mile.

We took the kids out on their scooters later. It’s been a nice day up here on the Wirral but the sky looked particularly threatening. There was part of a rainbow above the Echo Arena on the Liverpool side. We didn’t get wet though – success.

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