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My pathetic arms!

I got the kids to do the workout with me today. Dominic complained that the ‘hollow body’ was impossible. I sympathise but I thought he would find it easier than me. Naomi just spectated and kind of danced around a bit on the ‘lateral shuffle with scissor jumps’. By the second time round, Dominic was tiring on the ‘fast feet with step’ and with that, both he and Naomi disappeared from my gym (which is in fact just the garage with some cardboard on the floor).

I quite like this particular workout as its a combination of core strength, like the hollow body, and leg strength, like the step-ups. I was told by Eddie, who used to coach me in London, that in order to improve my speed I should do hill reps. He was probably right but I think that the step-ups, squats and burpees have a similar benefit. Speed is something I lack but I think I prefer step-ups and even burpees to hill reps do I hope they do do the trick.

After the first workout I did another aimed at improving shoulder strength. It said you needed dumbbells that were 4-5kg. My heaviest ones are about 2kg each. I wasn’t sure if the weight indicated (4-5kg) was the total weight or the combined weight. It didn’t really matter though as a) I don’t have any 4-5kg weights and b) even if I did, I wouldn’t have been able to do the workout with them.

My arms are pathetic. It’s amazing that I have managed to get through life thus far with such pathetic arms. I guess that I use the rest of my body to compensate for my weak arms when I am lifting things or, more often, children. I had to use the lighter weights for some of the exercises! My wrists are even more pathetic. Luckily, I’m a runner not a tennis player.

Anyway, in spite of losing my company (the kids) half way through the first workout, it was good fun and the shoulder exercises were quite different from anything that I would normally do.

We all went to pick up Daniel from the nursery after the workouts. He seemed to have made a cake and painted a stone – does the excitement never end for a three year old?

On the way back we popped into the supermarket. I felt like I did another workout carrying several litres of milk home. Got to get some muscles in my arms somehow.

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