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Brimstage Maze

I wanted to run a reasonable number of miles today but the question was more when not whether I would run?

The kids have only got another week off school and most of the holidays they’ve had to be in the house while I’ve been at work and Peter’s been trying to work from home so we wanted to make the most of a day together as a family. Running many miles on your own doesn’t fit into that sort of plan very well. 

After some deliberation, we decided to go to Brimstage Maze. This year the maze (made out of maize) was based on the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the book.

We had to find signs with quotations and characters from the book along the way. We weren’t doing that well and even putting Daniel on Peter’s shoulders to try to look over the maize for the route didn’t help because the maize was pretty tall, so difficult to see over, and Daniel was pretty useless as a lookout.

Somewhere around the Alice bridge, we found ourselves going round in circles. We could see where we wanted to go from the bridge but actually getting there when we were back amongst the maize was another story. 

The others were keen to get out and play in the play area but I don’t like giving in and wanted to find all the signs. However, I also wanted the loo so we followed our route back to the start and escaped the maze.

There’s loads to do at Brimstage Maze other than just the maze and many of the activities are in covered areas – perfect for a British summer. 

While Peter and the kids headed off to play crazy golf, I wanted to complete the challenge so I headed back into the maze in search of the missing signs. I could cover a lot more ground in less time without the rest of the family, and even if my navigation skills were no better, I was able to make my way round most of the bits of the maze that we had missed earlier. I did find all the characters but not all the quotations. However, I had walked about 5 miles in total by that point and even my legs were beginning to get tired – and I still had to fit in a run before the end of the day.

So, I gave up on the quotations and went in search of my family instead. I found them just as Naomi got a hole in one on the crazy golf and then we all went off to the play barn where they had a soft play area, giant Connect 4, giant Lego and giant chess. I’m not sure which piece Dominic was on the chess board but at least he was protecting his king.

The most important part of a day out with the family is eating ice cream. There is, strangely, an advantage of having small children in such a circumstance. That is that they can rarely finish a whole ice cream so who better to finish off a half-licked ice-cream than mummy?  

By the time we got home though, I was exhausted and I still hadn’t run. I would have liked to go somewhere more interesting than up and down the prom but I didn’t fancy wasting the best part of an hour driving to the other side of the Wirral and back just to run so I ran the full length of the prom instead, from the Seacombe ferry terminal to New Brighton and back. (4.25 miles). It wasn’t quick but it was incredibly even paced (7:51 per mile). My legs were pretty tired of course and, although I would ideally have run more miles, there’s something to be said for ‘time on your feet’ and I had a lot of time on my feet today.

Tomorrow is a rest day, thank goodness.

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