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Running company

It’s Bank Holiday Monday so that can mean only one thing – rain. I decided to go for a run this morning while it was merely cloudy and not actually raining. I wanted to run a reasonable distance but I didn’t just want to run up and down the prom.

I drove 15 min down the road to Leasowe and set off from there in the direction of Hoylake with the wind at my back. I wasn’t running well and my Nike running app was having an off day; it kept switching off so that if I wanted to stop (to take a photo for example) I had to put in the passcode and then stop the stopwatch. I also couldn’t just look at it to see how far I’d been because I just had a black screen. It was slightly annoying, it isn’t normally so temperamental. That, combined with my poor pace in spite of having the wind at my back made for a slightly miserable run even though the scenery was pretty nice.

After 3.5 miles I reached Moels. I didn’t fancy running much further so I turned to come back. As I left the lifeboat station at Moels I followed the path close to the coast but as it rejoined the road another runner was overtaking me on the road.

I needed all the help I could get so I decided to try to keep up with him. However, I found myself gaining on him, and soon I was level. I apologised for tagging along but I think that we were both glad of the company. He was nearly half way through a 20 mile run and I was just over half way through a 7 mile run.

It turned out that he was training for the Amsterdam marathon which he was running with his brothers. I had been averaging 7:50 per mile until I started running with him but, even with the wind in our faces and chatting a bit, we were going along nicely at 7:35 per mile and even sped up to 7:22 for the third (my 7th) mile. It just shows what a difference it makes running with somebody else. Those last three miles seemed to go by in about half the time of the previous four. The average pace for the whole run was 7:42 per mile but for the last 3 miles, 7:31 per mile.

We had planned to have a barbecue this weekend but hadn’t had a chance until today. It wasn’t really barbecue weather but we’re British and the weather isn’t going to stop us having a barbecue. We were just finishing when it started to rain.

After a bit of retail therapy, I did today’s Nike Training app workout. It was good fun, lots of jumps and stuff and then those awful ‘side planks with rotation’ and ‘rope climb to double leg extension’. I did the best I could but I’m pretty terrible at those.

It’s Monday night so family film night. Today it’s the first of the Star Wars films. Still a winner after all these years. Hope the kids like it.

One comment on “Running company

  1. skinnyrunning
    August 31, 2015

    I love that you ran and chatted with someone you came across on your run. That has never happened to me!


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