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It was a risk going on my bike. I knew it would rain today but I hoped I would just about miss it.

It had been raining overnight and the wet road combined with my lack of mudguards meant I got a wet backside but, most importantly, I didn’t get rained on.

There was a beautiful rainbow all the way to the station. Somebody was getting wet, but it wasn’t me. The photo was taken as I passed our church (St. Paul’s Seacombe) but the rainbow was still there as I went over one of the many bridges between Wallasey and Birkenhead.

When I got to work, there was hardly anybody around. One of the technicians had rung to say she was delayed by a man threatening to jump off the bridge at the end of the motorway with five parrots. This seemed unlikely but it was a good excuse for being late.

One of the other technicians asked if we should have an extra person come in for the early production run routinely in case of this eventuality in the future. I said that I really hoped that people wouldn’t want to jump off bridges with parrots on their shoulders on a daily basis and that we could probably take the risk of being one staff member down for a bit in the unlikely event that it happened again.

The other technician said it was pigeons not parrots! I am not sure where they got this information from when they were stuck in the production area all morning – supposedly working. However, what was the man thinking of? If he jumped then wouldn’t the birds just fly off? Then what? Even more traffic chaos with police chasing parrots (or even pigeons) down the motorway. I’m not entirely convinced that the guy had thought the whole thing through properly. I think it was all sorted out after a couple of hours. Good job too because it absolutely chucked it down with rain before morning break and those poor birds would have been drowned. On a serious note, I hope that the guy gets the help he needs. 

No running today but instead a stretching type of workout. It was a good job nobody was watching. At some point I will be flexible enough to be seen in public attempting these exercises but, for now, the privacy of garage really is the best thing for everyone.

One comment on “Rainbow

  1. niki
    September 1, 2015

    Keep going with the stretching. It has to get easier at least 😉 beautiful pic

    Liked by 1 person

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