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The session was 2min at steady pace then 1 min at fast pace, repeated 4 times. As I warmed up on the treadmill I wondered how on earth I was going to do that. 12kph felt fast and then going up to 18kph for my strides felt like an impossibly fast speed. I had to go back to 10kph to recover. 

So, I wasn’t sure what speed to run at for steady and how fast to run the fast minutes. I set off at 13kph for steady and 17kph for the fast (1% gradient) but I felt I could go faster so I sped up to 14kph (6:53 per mile pace) for the steady bits and 17.5kph (5:31 per mile pace) for the fast bits. I covered just over 3km in the 12 min.

I was really pleased because I didn’t think that 14kph would feel so comfortable off a 17.5kph rep when I started out. Maybe I’m actually getting fitter.

Daniel took Bambi to the nursery today. One of the helpers drew him a picture of Bambi for him to colour in. He was very happy.

Daniel said that Bambi was a girl and the two older kids said that he was a boy. There was no convincing Daniel. Peter showed him the film and he still thought he was a girl!

4 comments on “Intervals

  1. RunMomMe
    September 3, 2015

    Intervals are the devil. They totally help me when training, but going into an interval day I almost feel physically ill thinking about them! I think I’m more of a jogger than a runner in that respect. I can go off and JOG forever, but to really RUN a distance is another story.

    That’s funny about Bambi. My son has a hard time with knowing if dogs are boys or girls. Other than to point out the obvious it’s a strange conversation to have with him.



    • runmaggiecooper
      September 3, 2015

      I always get nervous before an interval session but actually I love them. The time flies by and it is good for speed.

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  2. skinnyrunning
    September 3, 2015

    Wow, you are running fast! That is so impressive!


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