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The wind at my back

I had to interview for a vacancy at work today. This is an amazingly stressful experience, not just for the candidates, but for me. What if we made the wrong decision? Will we be lumbered with somebody useless for years or have we made the right choice? I also feel bad for those that don’t get the job because there’s usually nothing wrong with them, they would probably be able to do the job too, but we only have one job and somebody has to get it.

So, I was glad to get rid of some of that built up stress and go out for a run when I got home. Had I realised how windy it was out there then I might have chosen a different route rather than just running to New Brighton and back. It was pretty tough going but at least I knew that I would have the wind at my back on the way home.

I got to New Brighton at 7:29 pace and then I turned with the wind at my back. I wondered how quickly I could get back, could I reduce the pace to 7:15 per mile? That would mean running at 7 min per mile, which is still a bit quick for me – but I did have the wind with me.

I actually got back with an average pace of 7:19 per mile with mile 3 at 7:05 pace, so not quite the 7 min per mile I would have liked but not bad. At the back of my mind I knew that I wanted to do the Nike Training Club workout when I got home so I didn’t want to kill myself running.

When I got back I did the workout. I was surprised how difficult it was. It was things like single leg squats, jumps, bench toe touches, side plank with leg lift and reverse mountain climbers. My legs were quite tired so I found it pretty hard work. I think I would have preferred Peter’s workout but I think he makes a better horse than me.

We recorded another podcast this evening. We talked about what we listen to when we’re running. Most often I don’t actually listen to anything but my own thoughts but I do have a few favourite podcasts. I wonder whether I should listen to music more but I don’t have a very good music collection – I need help selecting some good music to run to. Anyway, you can listen to the podcast here. It’s just over 10 min long so probably not long enough for a long run but maybe good for a listen while warming up!


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