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Liverpool to London

I’d forgotten how difficult it can being running through tourists in London. Actually, before the tourists I had to cope with the bikes. While trying to avoid being hit by one, I ran into the path of another. The rider shouted “Watch where you’re going” which was slightly unfair as I was avoiding being hit at the time.

I’m in London for a course. I’m kind of meant to be running the course, which is fine because it is my area of expertise, but it’s still a bit odd as I’m not working in London anymore but am now in the cold and barren North – otherwise known as Liverpool.

I was out of the house by 6am, which isn’t quite the crack of dawn but nearly is, as I had to walk the nearly 2 miles to the station. I could have got Peter to take me but we would have been joined by three grumpy tired kids unnecessarily woken at the crack of dawn just do that I could get a lift to the station so walking seemed a better option.

The early start was due to bad planning (two of my staff who I thought would be in were actually on annual leave – I really must take more notice when they tell me when they are going to be off). So, I had to go and help with the morning dispensing run. The remaining staff probably could have managed without me because they are actually very good but I had to show willing. Also, I had no idea where I was meant to be going to once I got to the university in London so I had to get the information off an email at work anyway.

The two day course seems to be going fine. It might have been nice to know that there were some government inspectors on the course before I gave away all my top tips and trade secrets but not to worry – well not until the next inspection at least.

After the course, I ran an old route along the south and north sides of the Thames via the wobbly bridge by St. Paul’s (doesn’t it have a proper name like the Millenium Bridge or something?) and Westminster Bridge. I don’t run right by the river on the south side because there are far too many tourists there but then I had to cope with the bikes instead which was less frustrating but more hazardous.

I went round twice. My GPS watch was very inaccurate and couldn’t really cope. I run at a pretty consistent pace but one moment it was saying that I was running 8:30 a mile and the next 6:55 per mile. I know how far the loop is (3.33 miles) but I reckon I ran quite a bit further weaving in and out of tourists and people going home from work. It was a bit better (less people) the second time round and I ran almost exactly the same time for both loops with an average of 7:26 per mile for 6.66 miles.

I know one of the girls on the course so we went out for a pizza together and then had a closer look at the river and the London Eye. It’s weird that I used to see these tourist attractions every single day when I worked here but they still have that little bit of magic. It’s also quite a bit warmer here, which probably adds to the attraction.  I am, it appears, a soft southerner after all.

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