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Running on business

One of the good things about being away from home is that there is often more flexibility around training. Yesterday, for example, I probably wouldn’t have run 6.7 miles if I had been at home. It’s quite a big time commitment on a school night with tea to cook and homework to help with to disappear for nearly an hour. However, all I had to worry about last night was feeding myself, which isn’t too tricky.

It doesn’t always work out that well though, especially if you are expecting to meet up with colleagues or attend additional meetings but usually, depending on how unsociable you are prepared to be, it’s possible to fit a run in somewhere, even if it means getting up super early. In fact, it can be better than that if you are able to find somebody else to run with and it can be a great way to get to know people better.

Many years ago, I was introduced to a fellow runner at a conference we were attending in Innsbruck. We agreed to meet up the next morning for a run. I’d heard that he was a decent runner so didn’t really hold back but we really were running pretty fast – around 6:30 per mile. After we’d run along the river for a bit my running partner suggested that we take the pace a bit easier. We might even have stopped for a bit to “take in the view” (have a rest). We ran back to the hotel at a more reasonable pace. Later I found that my running partner had recently had a serious heart problem. I could have killed him at that pace! Maybe it’s a good idea to check how fast your potential running partner wants to run before you set out.

This morning, I wanted to get up early and go for a run. In general, I dislike running in the early hours. I never run well and it can be a bit disheartening to feel like you are going at a reasonable pace then to look at your watch and find that it is all rather pedestrian. This morning though, I was hoping to see the sun rise in a quiet London. If you think about it, it is rare that you find yourself in central London first thing in the morning if you live and work in London. You usually have the commute in, which would mean getting up ridiculously early to be there at sunrise. This morning, in particular, I didn’t just want to see the sunrise, I wanted to go over the Millenium Bridge when there was nobody else on it. I have never been able to do that before.

I was a bit disappointed to find that the sun rose earlier in London and it was already getting light when I woke up. I possibly should have realised that the sun would rise earlier in London and reset my alarm but I still managed to get out of the door pretty swiftly then I ran, not so swiftly, to the Tate Modern. Imagine my horror to find a film crew on the bridge! Luckily they were only at one end, not in the middle, so I ran across the bridge without having to dodge tourists, to apologise for accidentally bashing people as I went past or for pulling out their earphones (see my latest podcast – Training Tracks with Maggie Cooper on iTunes for details). 

It was fantastic. I ran across faster than I have ever run across before. My progress only impeded by having to stop to view a beautiful sunrise over Tower Bridge.

Now I’m back on the Wirral and, having been so rude about the northern weather in earlier posts I was embarrassed to find that the weather was much better up here today than it was in London. 

As the sun was beginning to set it was lovely to walk home along the promenade without having to dodge any tourists. I like London but I also like living and running on the Wirral.


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