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Hello Tom and Jerry

I thought I should explain what happened about the dog. We got a lovely beagle called Milo about a month ago. Milo was perfect, except for one thing, Peter was allergic to him. We knew that Peter was very allergic to cats but we didn’t expect it to be a problem with a short haired dog. It was quite quickly clear that we couldn’t keep him (or we’d have to get rid of Peter – difficult choice) so we did our best to find him a good home. We found a family that already had another dog and their house had 2 acres of land attached, ideal for a dog that loved running. So, it was with great sadness that we said goodbye to Milo only a little over a week after he first came to stay.

Dominic was a bit upset, after all he was the one who had really wanted a dog and it wasn’t his fault that we couldn’t keep him. Dominic pestered us for a hamster instead but we didn’t fancy getting a hamster. We’ve always had guinea pigs and we like guinea pigs. We had thought long and hard about whether to get another guinea pig after Ernie died earlier this year. The children were keen so, in the end, we decided that it was a good idea, especially since we already had a cage and other stuff so it was quite straightforward.

So, now, instead of a dog, we have two small guinea pigs with the unlikely names of Tom and Jerry (not my choice).


Jerry hasn’t quite learned how to use the door to his new house but both seem quite happy in their new surroundings. I expect you’ll see a lot more of them on this blog. Sadly for me, they don’t run quite as well as Milo did. I had him all lined up for a parkrun.

We haven’t actually done much today but that was partly because we went to get the guinea pigs and partly because I was keeping an eye (well more of an ear – BBC 5live) on the Everton v Chelsea match. It was a great result with Naismith scoring a hat-trick (bit of useless info coming up: that’s the first hat-trick scored by an Everton player against Chelsea since 1931 when the great Dixie Dean scored).

Daniel, although dressed a little like Dixie Dean, isn’t really a natural footballer but he still had fun in the garden. Naomi bounced up and down on the trampoline cheering him on.

I didn’t run today but I did my workout. I seem to have no abs. What happened to my abs? I’m sure I had some before I had children but I don’t seem to have any anymore. This is along with my lack of arm muscles (although those are marginally bigger since I had kids) but basically I’m all leg muscles and little else. Good job I’m a runner but I probably need to work on those missing muscles.

By the way. If you missed my podcast earlier in the week then you can listen here

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