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I’m no ballet dancer

I don’t think I could ever be a ballet dancer. I did my exercises, which resemble some sort of ballet routine, in the bedroom yesterday and the reflection in the mirror was anything but elegant. I used to do ballet when I was little, I loved it, I could never remember the names of the different steps though and dreaded being in the front row because then I wouldn’t have a clue what to do because I had nobody to watch.

Little has changed and, in spite of the fact that I’ve done some of the workouts several times, I still struggle to remember what I’m meant to do when faced with ‘first position pulses’ for example.

I got Daniel a new playset book because the old one was broken because it’s been played with too much and some of the bits were missing. I’m not sure if Daniel or Naomi was more excited. Anyway, now they can put both houses together so it’s pretty good. 

It’s been several days since I ran, which is very unusual for me. I was so tired yesterday and the workout was quite long so I decided not to run and just to do the workout. Also, it was Monday movie night with the kids so I didn’t want to keep them waiting. 

We watched the new Avengers film. Daniel fell asleep and the other two and I got frustrated because the new iTunes can’t really cope on our old computer so every time there is a new scene it freezes and the only way to correct it is to go back a bit and play again. This resulted in us watching several bits multiple times, which was a trifle annoying. I’m sure the film was great, and I think Peter enjoyed it, but I was totally fed up (and very tired) by the time it finished. I don’t know why Apple tinker with things that work perfectly well so that they don’t work properly at all. 

Tonight’s workout was called Quick HIT. It was more up my street than yesterday’s ballet but it wasn’t as intense as I was expecting. I was a bit short of time so I just ran for a mile as a warm up and then did the exercises. Sometimes when you haven’t run for a few days you get into a bit of a non-running rut and don’t really feel like running at all but after a few steps you wonder how you could possibly have felt like that. Overcoming that lethargy is perhaps a problem that many people face when it comes to exercising regularly but it is rare that you exercise and feel worse afterwards so it’s worth battling through the lethargy.

 We stopped off at the shop on the way home from school and the chocolate puddings were on special offer. The kids were keen to try them so we bought a pack. Luckily for me, Dominic found the chocolate too intense so I had to finish it off for him. It’s a tough life being a mum.

My watch has broken. This is a sad day. I have a Timex Ironman watch (ladies version) but the plastic strap has split and the watch and strap are all in one moulded piece so I can’t just get a new strap. So now I’m without a watch and I’m not sure whether to get a proper grown up watch or another watch/stopwatch or something even more fancy. Probably, in the end, it will come down to the price that I’m prepared to pay. 

One comment on “I’m no ballet dancer

  1. RunMomMe
    September 16, 2015

    I totally love finishing my kids desserts! I think that’s part of the reason why I gained weight. At least I know not to order my own dessert now…I finished almost two berry lemonade slushies today because of the kids…if I’d had to drink my own as well I would have died from brain freeze!

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