The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Rushing around

It was a bit of a mad rush this morning. I didn’t have on my schedule to run to the station but perhaps I should have.

In fact, all week has been a bit of a rush because I’m doing the dispensing which means that as soon as I set foot through the door of work, at 7:15am, it is pretty full on for the next two hours. This morning, I had the added complication of having to go to Salford and I had to get out of the unit by 9am in order to get to the station and buy a ticket. I got out of the unit at 9:05 and nearly knocked out one of the technicians with the door in my rush to leave. I did make the train, but only because I ran. Good job I’m fit.

It was sunny in Salford! This is news. It’s never been sunny in Salford when I’ve been there before. I have to go to Salford tomorrow as well – better take my umbrella in case.

I didn’t take a photo in Salford, it may have been sunny but really there isn’t much worth taking a photo of between Eccles station and Salford Royal Hospital. So, I took a photo of one of the guinea pigs, Tom, instead.

My training tonight was an interval session on the treadmill. I did 700m, 500m, 300m, 500m, 300m on a 1% gradient in 2:20, 1:40, 1:00 for the respective distances. I was actually meant to do another 700m but I was too tired so stopped at 500m, better to do that than fly off the back of the treadmill! My legs actually felt fine, just the rest of me was too tired.

When we went to pick Daniel up from the nursery the staff said that he had fallen asleep on the potty! It reminded me of when Dominic was in nursery and he fell asleep over lunch so that his face was in his food and, when they moved him, he had a slice of roast lamb stuck to his face! Maybe I should take a leaf out of my children’s books and have a bit of a kip in the middle of the day but preferably without food stuck to my face.

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