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No go at the park

It was a lovely day today. Peter was busy at a church away day and that left me in charge of 4 kids. Don’t worry, I haven’t suddenly given birth to another, the 4th was one of Naomi’s school friends.

The away day was at the Sisters of Jesus Way in West Kirby. Initially, when Peter told me this, I presumed he was going to see some sisters who lived on Jesus Way in West Kirby but it turns out it’s some sort of convent.

Anyway, all this meant that it was somewhat difficult for me to get out for a run. I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos of Lightening McQueen with Daniel. We also put the guinea pigs out on the patio for a glorified nail filing session due to the fact that the weather was nice and running around on the hard surface should keep their nails in check.

The kids seemed to play in the garden for most of the day with the sledges(?!) and the picnic mat. I’m not quite sure what game they were playing – sometimes it’s best not to ask. Anyway, my eye was caught by this large purple flower at the end of the garden. I don’t know what it is but it seemed to be misplaced.

When Peter returned I was keen to get out, not that I wasn’t pleased to see him but I wanted to run while the weather was still nice. I had already decided to run to Birkenhead Park rather than to once again fight the wind along the promenade to New Brighton.

The run is just over 10km so I thought that was ideal since I’ve hardly run all week. However, as I approached the gate to the park I remembered that there was some sort of transport show on this weekend and you had to pay to go in. I didn’t have any money and I didn’t want to see old vehicles so I ran on the roads around the first part of the park instead. It was a bit shorter (5.5 miles) but still quite pleasant.

I didn’t try to run too fast but just to run comfortably. It was fairly consistence, apart from a slow second mile (when I had to cross several roads) giving an average pace of 7:46 per mile.

It’s a rest day tomorrow but I’m hoping that next week will be a better week for training as I don’t have such an early start. Much as I love the mornings, it’s a bit of a rush when you have to leave the house when it’s still dark.

We did another podcast on Thursday. It was about the best time of day to run. I found out an interesting fact about why my husband refuses to run for several hours after he has eaten meaning that the only realistic time that he can run is first thing in the morning. For a link to the podcast click here

One comment on “No go at the park

  1. runandlivehappy
    September 20, 2015

    That flower is gorgeous!!


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