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I feel as if I’ve spent most of the day studying Hamburg’s transportation system. I’m going there for a conference in a couple of weeks time. I chose a hotel that is a couple of miles from the congress centre because a) it was cheaper than the hotels near the congress centre, b) it is an apartment style room so I can cater for myself (saves money but also means that I don’t have to be sociable over breakfast) and c) I think that I can run along the river from the hotel. Actually, when I looked on google maps it looked like it was on the edge of an industrial estate so it might be awful!

My main reason for studying the transportation system was that I need to get from the hotel to the congress centre and back each day. I was wondering if it might be possible to run from the hotel to the conference but the problem with that is that there might not be anywhere to change at the congress centre and I would have to carry the heavy conference abstracts book with me. 

I could take the U-Bahn as there is a station near the hotel and one near the congress centre. That’s going to cost 3 euros each way though unless I can work out how to buy a travel pass. I could take the bus but I’m not keen on buses. Once, in Germany in fact, I took a bus to the athletics stadium and ended up stranded on the outskirts of the city as the bus changed its number after I got on! This isn’t the only reason I don’t care too much for buses but it is a good reason to dislike them.

In the end, I’ve decided that hiring a bike might be my best option so I bought a map and registered with the city bike hire service. It could be interesting. I hope it doesn’t rain!

I wrote a few days ago that my watch had broken. In the end I decided to buy a proper watch. I figured that I could use either my iPhone or my Nike GPS watch for timing my runs and that I could live without the stopwatch on my normal watch. I’m not entirely sure that this is true as the GPS watch is somewhat unreliable and my wrist is a bit small for it. 

My problems with it are that it often says it’s fully charged when it isn’t. Once before I took it for a run in the woods where we were meant to run for 6 mins and rest for 1 min (then repeat several times). Not only did I have no idea where I was going but, after about 1 min, the battery went flat and I had no idea how long I had been running either! This unfortunately isn’t the only time that it has let me down.

It also takes ages to find the satellite. Sometimes I reckon I could have finished the run before it’s found the signal. I used to put it in the garden while I got changed so that it could find the GPS.

I also sorted out some photos that I got printed onto card. I thought it would be a good idea to write on the back of them what they were of. However, the pen that I used was the type that never seems to dry so now I’ve set them all out on the table on kitchen towel in the hope that the ink will blot onto the paper or at least dry so that I can put them back in a pile again without getting ink all over them.

So, no running – but it is a day of rest after all.

One comment on “Watches

  1. niki
    September 20, 2015

    Yes yes yes. Definitely cycle! I’ve cycled a lot in hamburg. Husband’s family live in outer suburb and cycling is very popular and painless and there are good quality cycle paths all over. Enjoy 🙂


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