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Quiet evening and strange videos

Dominic is away at his outdoor pursuits centre and the house is strangely quiet. The weather is a bit miserable here so I hope it is a bit better where he is.

I wondered what we could do to make a wet Wednesday afternoon a bit more exciting and then I had an idea – ice-cream!

So, after getting Naomi from school (and before getting Daniel from nursery) we went to the ice-cream parlour in New Brighton. Strangely, Peter doesn’t like ice-cream but he still came with us as they also sell decent coffee.

Naomi had Mint Chocolate Crunch and I had Rocky Road, we both had our woolly hats on because it was a bit cold, although hers was a bit more interesting than mine.

Today was a rest day from running and no workout. I actually feel like I’ve hardly done any running recently but I’ve been really tired from work. I doubt that the slight break will have done me any harm; sometimes a break is better than trying to run when you are tired. My experience is that if you run when you are too tired it can often lead to illness and injury.

I am now watching a YouTube video with Daniel in which various toys are covered in Play Doh and you have to guess what the toy is (e.g. which Thomas the Tank engine train it is or which character from the Cars movies). Apparently people make money from these videos. I’m obviously in the wrong job! I’m thinking of combining my job with these videos so that medical staff can guess which item (syringe, needle, forceps, 3-way tap, cannula etc.) is covered in Play Doh. Could be a great success. As you can tell, it’s a bit of a quiet evening.

Actually, in one hospital where I worked many years ago somebody had made a Christmas quiz in which various chocolate bars had been scanned (I don’t remember if they were just X-Rays or something more sophisticated). You had to guess what the chocolate bars were. Something like a Kit-Kat wasn’t too difficult but it was surprisingly difficult to guess most of them. Something like that on YouTube would no doubt be hugely popular and you might even get some free chocolate bars out of it (win-win). You’d probably get sacked for doing that nowadays though.

So, hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to report that I have actually done some running and haven’t been eating ice-cream instead (although I hasten to add that today was a scheduled rest day, I didn’t just take the day off from running to eat ice cream).

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