The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Hot dates and penguins 

I actually ran today. It was somewhat windy so I decided to run on the treadmill rather than battle a gale along the promenade. But more of that later.

I had a hot date at lunchtime. OK, maybe not that hot a date but I did meet up with Peter for a late lunch.

One of my technicians was trying to persuade me to go for a flu jab as I was preparing to escape for lunch but I explained that I had more important things to do. I also added that wild horses wouldn’t be able to drag me to get an injection that I didn’t absolutely need to have. If I get flu at some point over the winter I may live to regret that statement. 

I did once get flu, in fact both Peter and I got it at the same time. There came a point as we were getting better and beginning to get hungry when one of us had to go out to get some food as our cupboards were bare. I, being slightly less ill than Peter, volunteered to venture out although I was still feeling rather ill. I usually rush around the supermarket and tut tut at people who dawdle in the aisles. I was suddenly that shopper moving unusually slowly as I picked up a few essential items. I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it. It was a bit of an epic mission. I just about managed to stand waiting at the checkout without fainting, shuffled home and finally collapsed through our front door as if I’d run a marathon. It was pretty awful. Still it’s a fine balance between whether that experience or getting an injection is worse.

Anyway it was really nice to meet up with my husband for lunch and we discussed what we’d talk about in the podcast today. Since my watch broke last week we decided to talk about watches and how we time our runs. You can listen to the podcast here, it’s quite fun and only just over 10 min long.

For the treadmill run, I started off fairly easily (around 8:10 per mile) and gradually sped up over the 4 miles so that the average pace was 7:26 per mile. Then I did the workout from the Nike Training Club app. It’s one that is a bit like circuit training with jumps, burpees, planks, mountain climbers etc. It was pretty tough after the run and I suffered on the planks but I think I’m getting better at the burpees and mountain climbers.

It’s still pretty quiet in the house without Dominic so we took the opportunity to watch a short film called “Lost and Found” which we bought for Naomi because it’s about a penguin and Naomi loves penguins. It’s about a little boy who befriends a penguin who turns up on his doorstep and tries to help him get home. Although penguins are very cute looking, I understand that they don’t actually make very good pets and are pretty smelly – well that’s what I tell Naomi so that she doesn’t get any ideas about trying to get us to have one as a pet!

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